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Artisanal publishing seeks to democratize the publishing world. With print-on-demand and ebooks, authors can more easily get their books into the hands of interested readers. Storied Publishing helps authors navigate the publishing process from great idea to professional book in hand.



Books with redemptive themes


White blackbirds are unexpected pictures of redemption. Likewise, White Blackbird Books
share topics that point to unexpected pictures of redemption in everyday life.



Books may be ordered through Amazon.com. White Blackbird Books is an imprint of Storied Publishing.

Stories for all


Gray Sparrow Books seeks to give a voice to the humblest among us who have a message for the world. As an imprint of Storied Publishing, we offer the reader nonfiction stories that seek to make the world more equitable and beautiful.

Books may be ordered through Amazon.com


Helping churches fulfill their mission in print


 Red Dove Books is the imprint of Storied Publishing that helps churches fulfill their mission in print.
The dove is the bird that represents the Holy Spirit in the Bible.

Books may be ordered through Amazon.com