Great care should be made by the author to have created a manuscript that is as correct as it can be. Our style is double-spaced, Garamond, 12-pt type. We want submissions with Chicago Manual of Style, especially footnotes, but also correct abbreviations, Oxford commas, and all related grammar errors carefully considered. 

Once submissions are emailed to the publisher, you will be notified within the month if it will fit our imprint and time frame. If accepted, you will receive a PDF contract to sign and return to us. 

At that point, your book-will sit in the queue. Your expectation should be that it will be published approximately a year after it is accepted. These processes take time. It will be edited several times (cleaner copy helps that go faster). You will be able to review the book upon the second-to-last edit. During this time we'll be working on the cover, and you'll be working on your social media network. We'll typeset the book and proof it again. We'll order physical proof copies, and then once those are all perfect, we'll publish the book! 

Julie Serven   Owner

Julie Serven


Julie is a life-long lover of books, education and literacy. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Oklahoma City Metro Literacy Coalition in addition to editing and publishing books with Storied. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on literacy, both from the University of Missouri.

Doug Serven   Owner

Doug Serven


Doug is the senior pastor at City Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City. He's also been a campus minister, seminary student, professional writing and journalism student, beer brewer, marathon runner, CrossFitter,yogi and avid reader. He loves urban planning, strategic thinking, great friends and laughter, profound and inane conversations, the St. Louis Cardinals, and his wife and kids most of all.

Mady Serven   Social Media Manager

Mady Serven

Social Media Manager

Mady has been Storied Publishing’s social media manager since August 2018. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising. She creates social media content for several other clients, as well as freelances graphic design and web design projects.